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Waroona Crest - Link to Shire WebsiteWaroona, an area that stretches from the Indian Ocean on the west across the flat lands enriched with irrigation waters, up and over the Darling Range with its massive granite outcrops and marvellous views, then through forest, with the gnarled old - but magnificent Jarrah trees that lead right down to the Murray River with its huge quiet pools and its contrasting rapids and racing white waters.
Small, but packed with a combination of varying sights, soils, crops and vegetation, the Waroona Shire has 835 square kilometres of land running from the sea to scarp.

The Shire boasts a range of diverse industries including beef, sheep and dairy farming, tree farming, earthmoving, market growers, engineering, and mining.

The Shire (originally known as Drakesbrook) was commissioned in 1898 and recently celebrated 100 years of local government. Waroona townsite has a population of approximately 2,500 and is located on the South Western Highway, 110 kilometres (1hrs) south of the capital city of Perth.

Other townsites within the Shire include Preston Beach, Hamel and Lake Clifton.

The Shire is an important destination for tourists enjoying recreational activities within State Forests, beaches and the many waterways both natural and man made.

Shire of Waroona - more information
URL: - www.waroona.wa.gov.au

Phone: +61.(0)8 9733 7800
- Emergency Services Contacts:
  • St John Ambulance - DIAL 0 0 0
  • Waroona Fire Brigade - 9733 1599
  • Lake Clifton Fire Brigade - 9739 1046
  • Preston Beach Fire Brigade - 9739 1674
  • Murray District Hospital - 9531 1144
  • Yarloop District Hospital - 9733 5007
  • Waroona Police Station - 9733 1230
  • Waroona State Emergency Service - 9733 1477
Waroona Region
PrestonBeach Map
Preston Beach Township

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