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Serpentine-Jarrahdale - Link to Shire Website As the city fades into the distance, some of the most picturesque countryside close to Perth can be seen. The hills beyond Perth, known as the Darling Range, are famous for their wildflowers, forests, cascading waterfalls and views back to the City skyline.
Only 45 minutes south-east of Perth, the Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale is a part of the Heritage Country's spectacular setting which offers some of Western Australia's most popular parks, art galleries, restaurants, orchards, wineries, wildlife and resorts.

The breathtaking scenery within the many forests, parks, rivers and other natural attractions offers the perfect location for a traditional Australian BBQ or bushwalk.

The Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale forms the Southern part of the Heritage Country, and includes the townships of Byford, Mundijong, Serpentine and Jarrahdale. Well known for its beautiful landscapes formed by hills, forests, dams and lush pastures, the area is popular as a bushwalking and picnic destination. Spring time sees some of Western Australia's finest displays of wildflowers come into bloom.

The area is a true depiction of Western Australia's country lifestyle with many farms, orchards and historic country towns close to Perth. Some of the old buildings house heritage and museum collections, arts and crafts and tea gardens.
Jarrahdale, classified by the National Trust, was Western Australia's first timber town in 1872. It is a picturesque town with a small mill still operating and numerous old timber cottages surrounded by forest.

The Shire has the second biggest metropolitan Council area, 905sq kilometres with a population of only 10,500, far below any local government approaching our size. With a total budget of around seven million dollars, coupled with the fact that we are some distance from many services, volunteers are absolutely vital in many ways.

There are 150 active fire fighters in the Shire, servicing some of the highest fire risk areas in the State, a voluntary St John Ambulance Service whose area encompasses many kilometres of major roads and a well trained SES team. The natural environment is very important to Serpentine-Jarrahdale residents and fifteen landcare groups throughout the Shire are involved in the preservation of bushland, revegetation, and streamlining of waterways.
Tourism is a major economic benefit and an enormous amount of work is being done by volunteers to advance the tourism potential of this region.
Five Residents Associations have an active membership, involved in matters ranging from local drainage to opposing mineral sands mining.
There are four horse industry groups, managing tracks and bridle paths and providing advice to Council on equestrian matters.
The PCYC and local police are involved in a number of excellent activities for our youth. Sporting clubs and P & C members also work hard for our children. Service Clubs are well represented for such a small population and contribute much to the well being of the residents.

Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale - more information
URL: - www.sjshire.wa.gov.au

A Vision for the Future
Our growth will attract people who value our rural character, diverse lifestyle, natural beauty and heritage and manage responsibly today for a better tomorrow.

In support of this the Shire is committed to -
  • Maintain its unique rural character within the constraints of sustainable prosperity.
  • Promoting community involvement and social development.
  • Protecting, preserving and improving the physical environment.
  • Planning for the future.
  • Values:
    Our decisions, services and allocation of resources will be guided according to the following values.
  • Communication, Accountability, Trust, Commitment to Service, Honesty

For further information and enquiries email info@sjshire.wa.gov.au or phone 9525 5255.

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