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  How to make the most of this service

Do I have to pay to use this Service?

No, you may browse these listings FREE of all charges.
  • some listings have been paid for by the information providers ['suppliers']

    As a prospective user of this service, do I need to register?

    No, you may use the system as a casual user FREE of charge as often as you like.
    However, we do appreciate feedback.
      ie . . .
    • Which area you find most useful.
    • Any suggestions for improvement are most welcome.
    • New categories you may like to see in our listings.
    • If you know of any Supplier / Business / Organisation you know of that should be listed - PLEASE send us a short note with a contact name and phone number / e-mail so we may follow up your suggestion.

    How does the "Search this Website" function work?

    • You may use the search function on all pages at top to search the complete website.
      Note: It only searches THIS WEBSITE - it does not search the rest of the Internet !
    • Type in any one or more keywords which describe the product or service you wish to find. Alternately, you may enter a company name or a brand name.
    • Click on the Search button.
    • Select a link from the search results listed.
    PS - to search any page for a keyword - in Windows use the [Ctrl] + [F] keys
          - to access a list of search engines for the internet go to the Regional WA Search Page

    How do I contact a Business / Supplier?

    • All contact details are listed with the individual entry and you may contact them direct.
    • Some e-mail contacts may point at our mail server if the "supplier" listed does not have a direct e-mail facility (you will notice a "Please forward to . . . . " in the subject line of your e-mail - we will forward any such enquiries mostly via fax to the "supplier".
    • You may also use our Feedback form to make general enquiries about products not yet listed and we will try and find a supplier if one is available in your area - this provides us with an opportunity for a new listing :-).
    • You will then be contacted when your details have been processed either by us or a "supplier".

  • Please follow the links provided above to a section of your choice -
    Happy Surfing
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    For more information on this website, requests for links,
    - how to get your information listed , how to advertise with us etc -
    please contact us via e-mail or use this form
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