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  Listing your Business, Services or Organisation is easy  
use keywords - ie Mandurah, bed, resort, or . . .

The Benefits of this Service
- "Business / Suppliers" and "Customers"

  • Time and cost effective method for connecting B2C and B2B
    [Business to Customer & Business to Business]
  • Lower transaction costs by reducing the need for paper-based and other outmoded methods of distributing supply information
  • 24 / 7 availability. [365 days - 7days/week - 24hours/day]
  • Benefits to Customers / Information Seekers

    • Access is simple and free of charge
    • Information is current and up to date - NO out of date printed Brochures
    • Listings are sorted according to geographic location
    • Greater choice of alternative suppliers facilitates better purchasing decisions
    • Links to suppliers' web sites, electronic catalogs & online shopping facilities where available.
  • Benefits to Businesses / Suppliers of Information

    • Expands market reach, increasing sales potential
    • High benefit to-cost-ratio (can commence with a low-cost implementation with minimal administration and later upgraded as required)
    • Supply capability information is controlled by the supplier over the Internet
    • Reduces the need for paper or CD-ROM-based catalogs
    • Information can be fast up-dated at low cost - NO expensive reprints
    • Qualified leads can be directed automatically to the right sales contact
    • Deliver qualified leads directly via the supplier's Web page or electronic catalog

    [NOTE - PLEASE: Business houses and organisations are encouraged to contact us with new (or changes to) listings. Please see our "How to" page for details]

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