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Boddington Crest - Link to Shire BoddingtonThe Shire of Boddington, located 123 kilometres south east of Perth, west of the Albany Highway, provides a unique mix of mining, agricultural, forestry and lifestyle opportunities. Gold and bauxite mining provide significant employment opportunities within the area, while traditional and new farming enterprises, ranging from sheep and cattle to cereal crops, tree crops, viticulture and marron farming, allow for a mix of production and lifestyle. The Hotham River, combined with the beauty of the State forest which makes up a large part of the Shire, contribute to an environmental beauty which is enjoyed by many.

The Boddington Shire Council, lead by Shire President Dennis Veitch, continues to encourage sustainable development within the municipality, aiming for a balance of agricultural, mining, tourism and lifestyle interests.

The Boddington Rodeo, held on the first Saturday in November, along with the Boddington Arts Council Festival, provide a significant drawcard, and enable a showcasing of all the Shire and its residents have to offer. The Quindanning Picnic Races, held each Easter Saturday, also provide a unique tourism opportunity enjoyed by many from within and outside of the Shire.
The Shire of Boddington Caravan Park has 34 sites, including 4 with private ablutions. The Park is situated immediately adjacent the attractive Hotham River and during season maron and red fin perch can be caught. The public swimming pool is within walking distance. The Caravan Park is under new management and is an ideal shaded location from which to visit the beautiful countryside and some of the attractions Boddington has to offer.

Some must see attractions include: Tullis Bridge, Boddington Gold Mine Viewing Platform, Lions Weir, St Alban's Church, Quindanning Inne, Hotham River, Overland Conveyor Belt - carting bauxite overland 52 kms to Worsley - which is the longest overland conveyor belt in the world.

Shire of Boddinton - more information
URL: - www.boddington.wa.gov.au

Emergency Contacts
  • Boddington Police 9883 8002
  • Boddington SES 9883 9296
  • Boddington Hospital 9883 8008
  • St John Ambulance 9883 8008

  • Fire 000

  • Chief Fire Control Officer - Jeff Gibbs 9883 8063
  • Deputy Fire Control Officer - William Batt 9883 8068
  • Marradong Brigade Captain - Peter Batt 9883 8277
  • Quindanning Brigade Captain - Mark Wilson 9885 7096
  • Boddington Brigade Captain - Peter Chitty 9883 8142

  • Shire Ranger - James Andrews 9883 8018
  • Shire Works & Services Manager - Greg Donhardt 9883 8345 A/H
  • Shire CEO - Peter Bradbrook 9883 8104 A/H

  • Boddington Gold Mine 9883 8260
  • Worsley Alumina P/L Bauxite Mine 9883 8005
  • Henry Walker Eltin 9883 8317

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